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Trucking School Pre-Training

Trucking schools are very fast paced and a large amount of students that sign up get sent home owing money. Those are the facts. The only way to make sure you will pass your CDL training is to be prepared ahead of time. In addition to preparing students for the CDL Tests we are going a step further in preparing students for parts of truck driving school and being a new truck driver.

We have created a few tests to give you an advantage during truck driver school including a pre trip inspection test in addition to the pre trip questions found in the General knowledge test. These extra test questions as well as a few pre trip demonstation videos below will ensure you have a good grasp on the pre trip inspection before you get to trucking school.

We have also added an Hours of Service Test and a link to the Federal Hours of Service Guide to study. This is very important and learning it before you go to school and will be very helpful to understand as a new driver. Trucking schools are very fast paced and learning as much as you can ahead of time will make the experience that much easier for you.

Our Tandem Axle Test will help you get an understanding of weight limits and how to make your tractor trailer legal for driving. Learning these things before you go to trucking school will give you a clear advantage over your peers increasing your chances of graduation.

Last but not least we have added a CB radio Slang Test to help you learn a bunch of different slang terms used by truck drivers to help you understand what is going on out there when you hit the road for the first time.

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CB Radio Slang Test

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CDL Hazmat Placard Test

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