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"How to Make $65 -$95,000 Driving a Truck and be Home Every Day"

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After selling thousands of copies of this eBook over the years I have deceided to make this information available to everyone. To all the truck drivers out there with good records here it is. These are the jobs in the trucking industry worth having. I will show you the companies and how to get these jobs.

Itís a good idea to start at the beginning of this e-book regardless of your experience level. The 5 things that guarantee you the best jobs apply to everyone. As simple as it may seem these are the most important things to keep in order, even when you hold one of these jobs. With these 5 things you can eventually have any truck driving job that you want anywhere! If you are an experienced driver you can obviously skip the school section of this e-book.

I have laid out some differences between these jobs and regular driver jobs. I have listed the companies and some job descriptions. Just click the links of any company name and you will be taken to the corresponding company website.

Not all of these companies operate the same so the job descriptions are general. If you apply my approach you will find yourself with one of these jobs making good money in no time! Near the end of this e-book there is a section called ďAnother way inĒ. It may be an option for some people depending on your situation.

When I got into trucking I didnít know that jobs like this even existed. Most people donít. If I knew you could make this kind of money driving a truck and be home every day I would have done this years ago. You see these trucks driving down the road all the time. You see them at the truck stops fueling. But most donít know how good we have it!

The break-in companies that hire new truck drivers will bad mouth them and try to discourage you about them. They want you to stay with them and work for peanuts forever! After talking too many of my peers in both my company and other companies in the same class I realized needed to write this ebook. Their stories are all the same.

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